LORD 7542 Urethane Adhesive System - Thin Viscosity, Flowable with Configurable Set-Time & high strength for FRP, SMC, Plastics, primed metals, powder coating

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  • Type Urethane
  • Vendor Lord
  • SKU LORD_7542A/B_050ML_3003884
  • Barcode 3003884

LORD 7542 adhesive is an equal-mix, two-component urethane adhesive system used to bond FRP (fiber-reinforced plastics), SMC (sheet molding compound aka fiberglass), many plastics, primed metals, and powder coated parts.

LORD 7542 is highly configurable, and available in a range of working times to accommodate a wide variety of process requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-Flammable – does not require explosion-proof equipment.
  • Thin Viscosity, Flowable to fill voids and cracks
  • Configurable set times (working life), simply pick the hardener with the desired set time.
  • Environmentally Resistant – resists sunlight, weathering, humidity and salt spray.
  • Chemically Resistant – solvent resistant when cured.
  • Painting and most cleaning processes do not affect bond strength.
7542-A Resin 7542-B Hardener 7542-C Hardener 7542-D Hardener 7542-E Hardener
Color: Dark Brown Tan, Black or Green Tan Tan Tan
Viscosity, cP @ 77°F (25°C) Low-Med: 1500-4500

Low-Med: 7000-14,000

Low-Med: 7000-14,000 Low-Med: 5000-14,000 Low-Med: 5000-18,000
Working Life (Set Time) 4-7 Min 11-15 Min 20-30 Min 50-60 Min
Handling Strength 1-2 Hours 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours

Cartridge Part Numbers 7542A/B (Brown) 7542A/B (Black) 7542A/C 7542A/D 7542A/E
50ml Cartridge 3003884 3024060 (Discontinued)
200ml Cartridge 3003883 3024058 3003886 3003889
600ml Cartridge 3003882 3003887

Bulk Pail Part Numbers 7542-A Resin (Brown) 7542-A Resin (Black) 7542-B Hardener (Tan) 7542-B Hardener (Black) 7542-C Hardener 7542-D Hardener 7542-E Hardener
1-Pint 3003905




3024010 3018705 3003907


3024968 3024084