Leister WELDING PEN S Slim Design Hot Air Hand Tool for Draw Welding, used with separate ROBUST Blower or air compressor 113.708

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Product details

  • Type Heat Pen
  • Vendor Leister

The WELDING PEN is a hot-air hand tool optimized  for draw welding. Thanks to its slim design and swivelling external air supply it makes hard work easy.

Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order

  • Complete Training of Leister Tools by Leister Trained Engineers Included in Every Order
  • Connection makes working easier.
  • Cooled heating element tube
  • Used in combination with ROBUST blower or compressed air
Attribute Unit Value
Power W 600
Voltage V~ 120
Temperature °C 20 - 600
Size (L x ∅) inch 10.6 × 1.7
Handle ∅ inch 1.3
Weight lbs 2.2
Conformity mark   CE Certification
Protection class II   ProtectionClass II