Leister WELDING PEN S Slim Design Hot Air Hand Tool for Draw Welding, used with separate ROBUST Blower or air compressor 113.708



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    The WELDING PEN is a hot-air hand tool optimized  for draw welding. Thanks to its slim design and swivelling external air supply it makes hard work easy.

    • Connection makes working easier.
    • Cooled heating element tube
    • Used in combination with ROBUST blower or compressed air
    Attribute Unit Value
    Power W 600
    Voltage V~ 120
    Temperature °C 20 - 600
    Size (L x ∅) inch 10.6 × 1.7
    Handle ∅ inch 1.3
    Weight lbs 2.2
    Conformity mark   CE Certification
    Protection class II   ProtectionClass II
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