Leister 1.1-inch (28mm) Silicone Pressure Roller 140.161



  • $ 28.50
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    140.161 | 1.1-inch (28-mm) silicone, ball bearing, one arm Pressure Roller

    Ergonomically designed, Leister's 1.1-inch / 28mm Pressure Roller has loads of grip making it easier to seal welds without the need to exert excessive force. Next to manual welding equipment, the most important working tool is the pressure roller. While the user guides the welding tool with one hand, they hold the pressure roller with the other and press the overlap weld seam together with consistency. The pressure roller is a necessary tool to add to your arsenal to achieve the desired result. With its ball bearing, silicone roller and wooden handle, this tool is of very high quality.

    Its durability and bow shape make it suitable for both left and right handed operators who require higher pressure without the strain.

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