Huntsman Araldite 2013-1 Metal-Bonding Chemical-Proof Epoxy Gel

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  • Type Epoxy
  • Vendor Araldite
  • SKU AR_2013_050ml
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Huntsman Araldite 2013-1 Metal-Bonding Chemical-Proof Epoxy Gel

Araldite 2013-1 is a Metal-Grey colored two component, room temperature curing, Epoxy paste adhesive that's high-strength and very tough. It is thixotropic (Thick Gel that will also fill crevices) with good environmental and chemical resistance. Although it is designed to bond to metal, it is also great for bonding other materials like ceramics, glass, rubber, rigid plastics and most other common DIY and shop materials. Work Time: 60 minutes Handling Strength: 2 hours Color: Metal Grey & Dries: Metal Grey Viscosity: Gel/Paste (yet thixotropic, so also fills voids and crevices)

The Bulk Pail version of Araldite 2013-1 is:

Araldite Cartridge Formula Araldite Bulk Resin Araldite Bulk Hardner
Araldite 2013-1 AV 144-2 HV 997

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Key Features

  • Metal Grey - 60 Min Working Time - Perfect for Craftsmen, DIY, and Industrial uses
  • Thixotropic Epoxy Gel (Thick gel designed to also fill cracks & crevices)