Loctite EA 9340 Adhesive 398459 2.68 oz kit

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Henkel Loctite Hysol EA 9340 epoxy adhesive is a general-purpose compound that has excellent high-temperature performance. It is a strong ammonia like odored two-part formula containing a gray colored resin paste and a green colored liquid hardener. The boiling point for both resin and hardener, is rated at greater than 500 degrees F and 403.9 degrees F respectively. Resin of adhesive, has a flash point greater than 199.4 degrees F while hardener has a 215.6 degrees F. It requires an application time of 40 minutes and takes 24 hours for complete curing. This adhesive withstands a shear strength of 2300 psi at 25 degrees. The exceptional epoxy formula facilitates operator to sand, drill and paint after curing. This product comes in a 2.68-ounce tube and has a service temperature rating of 0 to 180 degrees F.


  • Provides outstanding tensile and shear strength
  • Easy to mix
  • VOC contents of resin and hardener are less than 0.05%
  • Specific gravity of 1.26 for resin and 1.35 for hardener
  • Mixed in a ratio of 1:1 by weight or volume
  • Uses carbon dioxide, foam and dry chemical as fire extinguishing agents
  • Vapor density of hardener is 3.5


  • Ideal for use in many demanding applications that require high resistance to chemicals and heat extremes
  • Offers excellent resistance to heat and automotive fluids


  • Demanding applications where resistance to chemicals and heat extremes are required