Hardman Epoweld 8200 - Slow-Setting General Purpose Epoxy (aka Double Bubble Blue 04005)

Hardman Epoweld

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    Hardman Epoweld 8200 -  Slow-Setting General Purpose Epoxy (also known as Harman Double Bubble Blue 04005)

    • 50ml cartridges (packaged as Epoweld 8200, same formula as #04005 Packets)
      • Includes One Mixing Nozzle for each 50ml Cartridge
    • 2-Bottle Kits (8oz, 16oz, 32oz total volume kits) packaged as Epoweld 8200, same formula as #04005 Packets)  1:1 ratio, so each bottle is 1/2 of the total kit volume
      • Includes 2 epoxy bottles Parts A & B,  5 Mixing Nozzles and 5 mixing cups.
    • Single Samples, 5-Packs, 10-Packs, 25-Packs, 50-Packs, 100-Packs
      • Includes One Mixer Stick for each Epoxy Packet purchased

    Hardman Epoweld 8200 Epoxy (also known as Hardman Double-Bubble Blue-Label #04005) is a popular and long-trusted two component, long work life, room temperature cure epoxy adhesive designed for general-purpose applications. It exhibits high cohesive strength combined with excellent impact and vibration resistance. The cured system is effective over an operating temperature range of -34 °C to 71 °C (-30 °F to 160 °F).  Work Time: 2 hours (120 minutes) Handling Strength: 8 hours Color: Amber Dries: Dark Amber semi-clear   Viscosity: 30,000 mixed


    Metal, Plastic, Other, Carbon Steel, PVC, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Polystyrene, Stone, Aluminum, Wood, Tin, Glass, Porcelain & China, Leather


    Repairing tools, furniture and sports equipment. It is also an excellent adhesive for use with fiberglass sheets & cloth.


    Part Number Epoweld 8200 (also known as Double Bubble 04005)
    Item Weight 50ml (1.7oz)
    Product Dimensions dual barrel cartridge
    Origin Made in USA
    Item model number Epoweld 8200 (also known as Double Bubble 04005)
    Size 50ml cartridge size
    Color Dark Amber, semi transparent
    Material 2-part Epoxy, 2 hour set time
    Item Package Quantity
    Maximum Pressure 2,400 PSI
    Measurement Accuracy Does not shrink


    PACKAGING also available in the super-useful Single-Use Double-Bubble Packets:

    The DOUBLE/BUBBLE package is a handy, dual-pouch, one-shot, job-size packaging concept. It reduces the waste typically associated with the use of larger quantities of two-component adhesives. This unique packaging ensures that DOUBLE/BUBBLE adhesives are always factory fresh and accurately portioned for optimum adhesive performance.  Also available in poly bottles, 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails and 55- gallon drums.

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