Hardman Double Bubble Red Non-Sag (No-Drip) (04008) Extra Fast Setting Epoxy Gel

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Hardman Double Bubble Red Extra-Fast Setting Non-Sag/No-Drip Epoxy Packets
Single Samples, 5-Packs, 10-Packs, 25-Packs, 50-Packs and 100-Packs
(Includes One Mixer Stick for each Epoxy Packet purchased)
Hardman Double Bubble Red Extra-Fast Setting Non-Sag/No-Drip Thixotropic Epoxy is among the fastest setting epoxy available. Thixotropic simply means that it's a thick epoxy that doesn't drip, and is also excellent for filling gaps. It's extremely strong... At 3,000+psi strength, it's stronger than high-strength Concrete! It's the perfect 'clutch player' for on-the-spot bonding jobs, where fast setting, no-dripping or running, and high strength are key.
It has a convenient 1:1 mix ratio, excellent non-drip (no-sag) resistance when applied to vertical surfaces, and a smooth paste consistency. It is recommended for rapid repairs and electrical and industrial uses. HARDMAN Non-Sag Epoxy is recommended for the following surfaces: Metal, Plastic, Carbon Steel, Exitsting Epoxies, Stone, Stainless Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Glass, Porcelain and China, Leather. Work Time: 3-5 minutes Handling Strength: 15-30 minutes Color: Opaque White Dries: Translucent Clear/White Viscosity: Thick Paste, does not drip, run or 'sag'
  • Extra-Fast Setting 2-part epoxy: 3-5 minute working time
  • Thixotropic formula: No-sag, No-drip, and yet it has excellent gap and crack filling features.
  • Extreme Strength: 3,000 - 3,200 psi
  • Dries semi clear and does not shrink
  • Unique Double-Packs provide fast, easy and precise use
  • Cleaner and less wasteful than epoxy syringes from other companies
  • Each pack has 3.5 grams of epoxy, perfect for single, small jobs
  • 2-Year Shelf Life, Maximize use, Minimize waste

Typical uses: Excellent for vertical and ceiling applications, Repairing of tools, auto parts, electrical and electronic components, furniture and other applications that require a fastsetting no-drip adhesive.

Setting / Working Time: 3-5 minutes

Time to Handling Strength: 45-60 minutes

Uncured (Wet) Color: light purple Dries: Semi-Clear Viscosity (Uncured Thickness): Paste, Thixotropic

Specification Name Value
Type Extra-Fast Setting Epoxy
Color Semi Clear
Each Single-Pack Size 3.2mL Total per Double-Pack (1.6mL per side, parts A & B)
Work-Time (minutes) 3-5
Hardness 83 (Shore D)
Overlap Shear Strength (psi) 3700
Peel Strength 2.7 piw
CFIA Approved No
ISO-10993 No

Other Information Value
Estimated 100-Pack Total Weight (lbs) 1.75
Packs Per Kit Box 25
GSA/NSN Number
Country of Origin UNITED STATES
Estimated Usable Shelf Life More than 2 years (730 days, or 24 months)