Devcon Plastic Welder White DA291 - High-Strength Toughened MMA Adhesive


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    Devcon DA291 Toughened Plastic Welder White

    High-Strengthened Toughened MMA Adhesive - 2 Part White 47mL Cartridge is a toughened MMA (Acrylic) structural adhesive with superior impact and peel resistance to most plastic surfaces such as ABS PVC, SMC, composites polyesters, polycarbonate, strenics, PET, fiberglass wood, concrete, ceramic and metal. Mixing Ratio 1 1 Temp Range -67 to 250 F Application Time 10 Min. Full Cure 24 Hrs. Work Life 3 Minutes Shear Strength 3500 PSI Toughened High Strength For Load-Bearing Bonds To Engineered Plastics After Curing For Use With UL 746C Polymeric Adhesive Systems Electrical Equipment - Component

    Features: Requires minimal surface preparation; Formulated to bond dissimilar substrates, ceramics, wood and standard engineered plastics
    final adhesive bond is designed to be load bearing and resistant to weathering, humidity, and wide variations in temperature; Open/Working Time is 2-3 minutes; White/will not fade or turn color with time; Functional cure in 1 hour

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