Caulking Dispenser Conversion Kit for 2:1 Ratio 50ml Cartridges (sleeve + 2:1 ratio plunger)

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  • Type Caulk Dispenser Adapter
  • Vendor Maven
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The Atlas Professional Caulking Dispenser Conversion Kit


This caulking dispenser conversion kit enables all 50ml cartridges to be used in a standard caulking dispenser, and eliminating the need for a dedicated applicator. Bundled with a 2:1 ratio plunger, the Kit is a cost-effective way to try different adhesives or solve problems in the field. The Conversion Kit fits the standard 1/10 gallon caulking dispenser (what you get at any hardware store).


This particular kit works for 2:1 ratio cartridges only.


We also sell the conversion kit for 1:1, 4:1, & 10:1 ratio cartridges.