HardmanDouble Bubble "Blue Label" Slow-Setting General Purpose Epoxy 04005 (aka Epoweld 8200)

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Hardman Double Bubble Blue-Label #04005 General-Purpose Slow-Setting Epoxy #04005 (Also Known As Hardman Epoweld 8200)

  • Single Samples, 5-Packs, 10-Packs, 25-Packs, 50-Packs, 100-Packs
    • Includes One Mixer Stick for each Epoxy Packet purchased

HARDMAN Double Bubble Blue-Label 04005 General-Purpose Slow-Setting Epoxy (also known as Epoweld 8200) is a popular and long-trusted two component, long work life, room temperature cure epoxy adhesive designed for general-purpose applications. It exhibits high cohesive strength combined with excellent impact and vibration resistance. The cured system is effective over an operating temperature range of -34 °C to 71 °C (-30 °F to 160 °F). Work Time: 2 hours (120 minutes) Handling Strength: 8 hours Color: Amber Dries: Dark Amber semi-clear Viscosity: 30,000 mixed

Also available in cartridges and bottle Kits as formula Epoweld 8200, click here to visit this page.

  • 50ml cartridges (packaged as Epoweld 8200, same formula as #04005 Packets)
    • Includes One Mixing Nozzle for each 50ml Cartridge
  • 2-Bottle Kits (8oz, 16oz, 32oz total volume kits) packaged as Epoweld 8200, same formula as #04005 Packets) 1:1 ratio, so each bottle is 1/2 of the total kit volume
    • Includes 2 epoxy bottles Parts A & B, 5 Mixing Nozzles and 5 mixing cups.


Metal, Plastic, Other, Carbon Steel, PVC, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Polystyrene, Stone, Aluminum, Wood, Tin, Glass, Porcelain & China, Leather


Repairing tools, furniture and sports equipment. It is also an excellent adhesive for use with fiberglass sheets & cloth.


The DOUBLE/BUBBLE package is a handy, dual-pouch, one-shot, job-size packaging concept. It reduces the waste typically associated with the use of larger quantities of two-component adhesives. This unique packaging ensures that DOUBLE/BUBBLE adhesives are always factory fresh and accurately portioned for optimum adhesive performance. Also available in poly bottles, 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails and 55- gallon drums.


Part Number 04005 (and Epoweld 8200)
Item Weight 0.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 3 x 2 inches
Origin Made in USA
Item model number 04005
Size pocket size
Color Dark Amber, semi transparent
Material 2-part Epoxy, 2 hour set time
Item Package Quantity 1 to 100 packets
Maximum Pressure 2,400 PSI
Measurement Accuracy Does not shrink