Net 30 Line of Credit Account

How to create and use a Net 30 Line of Credit Account with Perigee Direct.

Simply click on this link below to fill out the digital / online form, and complete / upload the information or documents that will help:

Link: Net 30 Application Online Form

And once approved, here is how to use the Net 30 account:

  • Send a PO over to, and declare the Payment type to be “LOC on File
  • Call us at +1-817-381-9398, we will enter the order for you
    1. and during payment/tendering simply state to use your “LOC on File
  • Place your order online at
    1. Log into your account using the email above.
    2. and during the check-out process, select one of these two:
      1. My Net 30 Account
      2. “Shop Pay” (this option allows the option to have installment payments, if you are purchasing expensive equipment and want to spread the payments out.)

One Importat Note on Net 30 LOC minimum order value:

1) if you are a new customer, without a transaction history, there is a $500 USD minimum order value for your initial Net 30 LOC transaction. And subsequent transactions have no minimum.

2) If you have transaction history with us, there is no minimum order value for your initial Net 30 LOC transaction or subsequent transactions either.

    Also, you can check your order history and account:

    • View past orders, download invoices, re-order again

    • Adjust or Add Shipping Information