Collection: Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD & IED) Kits

An EOD Epoxy Kit is a specially-configured kit designed to aid in the disarming procedures of Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs. It includes a special bomb tech epoxy or explosive disposal epoxy and is optimized as a super-fast drying IED adhesive or IED epoxy, setting within 30 to 60 seconds.. The IED or EOD Adhesive Kit provides all necessary parts to efficiently mix and precisely apply the EOD Epoxy onto specific components during the disarming procedures of many types of IEDs. Often called an IED Epoxy Kit, it is usually included as an important component within a larger EOD Kit or IED Kit.

These kits are specially configured and used by Police & Fire Departments, Tactical Teams, Military Teams, and Emergency & First-Responder teams in all parts of the world to quicken and aid in the disarmament processes for EOD and IED. They are perfect for quickly and precisely jamming up fuses, blocking dispersal devices, and creating positive blocks. They also help in precisely securing away wiring that has been clipped or moved and must remain affixed and away from the operator at all times. The epoxy used is non-magnetic, non-conductive, nonheat transferring, and static electricity resistant. It sets ultra-fast, within 30 to 60 seconds, and works on a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, stone, wood, glass, and many plastics.

We are regularly adding useful and new kits and components to this important category. And for quick reference, if you're unsure, EOD means Explosive Ordnance Disposal, which is the disarming, removal, and disposal of explosives, often related to ballistics. And IED means Improvised Explosive Device, which is a particular type of explosive ordnance found across the world.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD & IED) Kits