Linear Coverage of Adhesive Cartridges & Container Sizes

Linear Coverage of Cartridges and Containers:

Linear length coverage for various adhesive volumes:  Generally speaking, (using a typical mixing nozzle with a standard 2mm outlet opening) you can expect these volume-to-length ratios:

  • Per 1-ml of adhesive:  1.92-inches of linear length from a 1/8-inch wide bead (or 3.84-inches of linear length from a 1/16-inch wide bead)

... and translated to standard cartridge sizes:

25mL cartridge (1/8-inch bead): About 4 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 6-8 Feet
50mL cartridge (1/8-inch bead): About 8 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 12-16 Feet
200mL cartridge (1/8-inch bead): About 32 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 48-64 Feet
400mL cartridge (1/8-inch bead): About 64 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 96-128 Feet 
600mL cartridge (1/8-inch bead): About 96 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 144-192 Feet
1500mL cartridge (1/8-inch bead): About 240 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 360-480 Feet
Quart Kit (1/8-inch bead): About 150 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 225-300 Feet 
Gallon Kit (1/8-inch wide bead): About 600 Linear Feet, (1/16-inch bead): 900-1200 Feet