Our History, Our Story, Perigee Direct

It all began in 2003 when co-founders Fred & Charlie developed our first products to conserve water in landscape irrigation networks.  Fred got sick of seeing broken water sprinklers gush out water and tragically wasting hundreds, sometimes thousands of gallons of water.  So leveraging their aviation materials experience, Fred and Charlie developed and launched our first products, the GeiserMiser, and later Hydroknot.  Those first irrigation products raised a lot of eyebrows in the water industry, and spawned an entire category of water conservation products! 

Next chapter was when we were developing our next family of products, the Atlas Mounts No-Drill Mounting Kits.  We had amassed a large volume of sampling materials from this project, and had a crazy idea… Instead of just discarding these great materials, or just letting them expire and go to waste… what if we tried our hand at selling them as a distributor.  So we began experimenting with a new type of industrial supply distribution system, and Perigee Direct was born.

Since then we have taken Perigee Direct to several next levels… expanded into a variety of new categories, largely following our customers’ needs and gaps in the market.  Today our catalog includes a diverse array of products and services, from no-drill mounting hardware, adhesives, resins, industrial consumables, chemicals and equipment, and plastic welding products and tools. And ever-expanding, most recently into down-packaging and filling services, strategic sourcing with international conglomerates, UV curables, Plastic welding heat guns and tools, unique sealants and coatings and more.

Perigee Direct is led by a unique trio of talent...

The co-founders, Fred & Charlie, know industrial chemicals and consumables well.  They are long-time aviation engineers and mechanics, who’ve spent their careers solving tough problems in the high-tech commercial aviation industry. They have both extensively tested and applied a ton of different adhesives, chemicals, resins, sealants, oils, lubricants, abrasives, and a seemingly infinite variety of other industrial consumables over the years in real-world high-stress environments, where the products needed to perform as-specified, period! 

The third member, Matt, is a marketer, strategist, product developer, data scientist, analyst, and general ‘action happener’,  with expertise ranging from product development, market development, manufacturing, big-data analysis, digital marketing to branding, CRM & loyalty marketing to strategy & launching new products, sales processes, and integrating all these seemingly disparate parts into a unique sales and operations engine.

We love solving long standing problems affecting our customers and communities. These problems can also inspire new products to be developed.  HydroKnot and GeiserMiser were our first brands, Atlas Mounts No-Drill Kits our second, Atlas Repair Kits our third, Atlas Plastics and the Maven umbrella of products and sub-brands are product lines that we’ve spawned.  And through the Epoxy Supply and Perigee Direct websites, we help countless customers and partners with their projects through our ever-expanding catalog of services and products.  Rest assured, these products have proven to out-perform our extensive and rigorous testing and qualification criteria… And now you can trust that they 'work', period, simple as that!

You can rest assured that our product catalog is made of top-quality suppliers and vendors, well-though-out, and do the job that we say they do.   We guarantee your satisfaction, and back it up with total attention to your problem, and a no-questions-asked return policy if not happy with your purchase.

Charlie, Fred, Matt... the Perigee Direct leadership team