Cox ElectraFlow Dual-Ultra VBE 400 MR Battery-Powered 2-Part Adhesive Dispenser for 400ml-490ml Multi Ratio (1:1 400ml, 2:1 400ml, 4:1 415ml, 10:1 490ml) Cartridge Sizes

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The COX™ ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra VBE 400 MR has been engineered to provide the
best 2-component battery dispensing performance available today. Designed
for the professional and specialist trade user across all industry sectors who
demand a reliable and high performance dispensing tool.

Part Numbers:

DB2C 400-MR-500-1US (163370) : Full Kit: Dispenser, Soft Carrying Case, Battery, Charger

DB2C 400-MR-500-901 (163287) : Bare Dispenser with Case (no Battery or Charger)

also known as part numbers: VBE-400MR, as well as DB2C-05-50-005, and 163370


Delivering high material output in a precise and controlled manner.

The fully integrated application system features first-in-class cordless
technology, powered by the latest 18V lithium-ion batteries and chargers
utilizing the CoolPack battery technology from Bosch Professional batteries.

ElectraFlow Dual Ultra VBE 400 MR provides the greatest flexibility; the twin rack drive
platform ensures even high viscosity materials maintain their mixing ratio
throughout the dispensing cycle. Interchangeable cartridge holding straps
and plungers allow for quick and easy configuration - maximizing productivity
in demanding applications. The ergonomic design provides the user with a
perfectly well balanced tool, for best dispensing performance the finger-tip
control features an overload shut-off and anti-drip mechanism preventing
material discharge.

The electronics and software technology combined with intelligent force
management ensures that users have complete control over the output speed
of the dispenser.

ElectraFlow Dual Ultra includes 2-year warranty for dispenser,
battery and charger.


  • Bosch Battery
  • Twin Drive Rack Platform
  • Interchangeable Cartridge Straps & Plungers
  • Includes: Soft Carrying Case, Battery & Charger
  • Multi-Ratio Version


  • Cartridge Capacity: (400 mL / 13.5 oz), (415 ml / 14.0 oz), and (490ml / 16.56 oz)
  • Cartridge Ratio: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Bosch Professional 18 V System
  • Weight: 8 kg / 8.4 lbs
  • Frame Length: 203 mm / 0 in
  • Maximum Force: 5 kN / 1124 lbf
  • Battery Capacity: 0 Ah
  • Battery Charge Time: 35 min
  • Handle Material: PC/ABS
  • Frame Material: Steel/Aluminum
  • Viscosity: Medium/High