Solano AT Plastic Welding Starter Kit - Variable Temp Variable Speed Digital Hot Air Plastic Welding Heat Gun Kit

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  • Type Plastic Welding Kits
  • Vendor Leister

Solano AT Plastic Welding Starter Kit

The perfect starter kit for getting up and running quickly with plastic welding and repairs.

Includes the Easy to hold Industrial workhorse Solano AT Variable-Speed, Variable-Temp Digital workhourse heat gun, and all necessary accessories and welding rod variety packs to get started and running fast.


  • Solano AT 120V Digital Heat Gun - Article Number: 162.274
  • 80-Count Variety Pack of 12-inch Welding Rods
    • Black UV Resistant: 10 each of HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS
    • Natural/White: 10 each of HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS
  • 5mm Step-Down Tubular Nozzle - Article Number: 100.303
  • 4mm Round Speed Nozzle - Article Number: 106.990
  • 6mm Triangle Speed Nozzle - Article Number: 106.993
  • Tacking Nozzle - Article Number: 106.996
  • 1.1-inch (28mm) Silicone Pressure Roller 140.161
  • Brush - Article Number: 116.798
  • Kit Toolbox Storage Case
  • Instructions Sheet
  • Heat-Setting Information Table by Plastic Type