SciGrip SG100 UV Resistant Toughened 15 min & 40 min White 490ml 10:1 MMA Methacrylate Adhesive 30191

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SCIGRIP® SG100 Series Methacrylate Adhesives are two-component, 10:1 mix ratio products for bonding thermoplastics1 , metals2, composites and combinations thereof. These bright white, UV resistant products are particularly well suited in color critical applications without compromising physical properties. Minimal surface preparation1, 2 combined with a choice of 15 and 40 minute working times, provide reduced labor and production cycle time. Packaging options include 490 ml cartridges and 5 and 50 gallon (19 and 189 liters) in bulk containers for application with meter-mix dispense equipment.


• UV stabilized, bright white color for color critical applications.

• Excellent choice for bonding FRP composites, Gel Coated Surfaces and thermoplastics with little or no surface preparation.
• Excellent fatigue, impact and shock load resistance.
• Excellent environmental and chemical resistance.
• Bonds range of substrates: Acrylic, PVC, ABS, Thermoset Composites (Vinylester, Polyester, Gelcoats, and Epoxy), Primed Metals, Coated Metals, and Other Thermoplastics.
• All metals require a primer.
• Working Time: 12-18 minutes
• MMA based 10:1 ratio product.