Plexus RV & Camper Adhesive Repair Kit - For Roofs, Panels, Undercarriages, Windows, Doors & Delaminations

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  • Type Specialty Repair Kits
  • Vendor Plexus
  • SKU PLXS_MA300_050ML_GUN_dup2

ITW Plexus - Adhesive Repair Kit RV & Camper Roofs, Panels, Undercarriages, Windows, Doors & Laminated Sections

Use the very Commercial-Grade adhesives that the pros use to repair damaged and worn-out sections on your RV and Camper.

For repairing:

  • Roof & Side Panel delamination & separation
  • Roof cracks

On Many parts of your RV or Camper:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Repairs
  • Side Panels
  • Undercarriages
  • Roofs
  • Corners
  • Trim
  • Skylights
  • Window Sills & Window Frames