Plastic Dispensing Tip Kit for UV Adhesive Bottles (Plastic Taper Tips + Luer-Lock Adapter) Variety Packs - Plastic 1.25-Inch (14, 16, 18, 20, 22-Gauge)

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This is a Variety Pack Kit of Plastic Taper Dispensing Tips & Adapters needed to use precision tips with UV Adhesive bottles. 

The UV adhesive bottles are perfect for precision tip use, but they need the threaded/screw-on adapter to get the precision tips to fit. 

The Plastic Taper-Tips are better for working with softer, scratchable, or delicate surfaces.  Whereas the Steel tips can scratch surfaces rather easily, due to the different hardnesses of the tips vs. some surfaces.

These kits contain equal parts of 1.25-inch Plastic Taper Tips and Luer-Lok screw-on adapters.

Each Plastic Taper Tip Kit includes equal counts of these Gauges (sizes): 14-Gauge Olive, 16-Gauge Purple, 18-Gauge Pink, 20-Gauge Yellow, and 22-Gauge Black.

Jensen Global IT Series dispensing tips feature a polypropylene Luer Lock (double-helix) threaded hub with a UV-bonded 304 stainless steel cannula. This series is color coded based on international standards.

Jensen's IT series dispensing tips and MixPac Luer-Lok adapters are unsterilized and for industrial use only. Their blunt tips are perfect for precision dispensing of paints, solder pastes, glues, adhesives, inks, oils, etc. It's also compatible with equipment from Nordson, Nordson EFD, Sulzer, MixPac, Techon, PVA and many other industry-standard product lines.