PERMATEX Bearing Mount for Relaxed Fits - 50 ml bottle

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PERMATEX Bearing Mount for Relaxed Fits – 50 ml bottle is a high strength, single component anaerobic retaining adhesive for cylindrical joints. It is a green colored liquid resin that hardens and cures in the absence of air. Permatex® Bearing Mount for Realaxed Fits self-hardens into a tough plastic material when it is confined between close-fitting metal parts. The cured adhesive is a thermoset plastic suitable for exposure to most solvents and engine fluids. NSF White Book registered.

Product Benefits

  • No mixing
  • No curing outside the joint
  • Prevents fretting and corrosion
  • Allows the use of slip fit or press fit
  • For use on assemblies with gaps up to 0.015″ diametral

Typical Application

  • Used to bond cylindrical fitting parts
  • Replaces set screws
  • Replaces clamp ring
  • Replaces snap ring
  • Wheel bearings
  • Idler shafts
  • Bearings