Permabond Threadlocker and sealant Anaerobic Adhesive HH120

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Permabond HH120 Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesive is a fast curing, high viscosity threadlocker and sealant that is used for permanent assembly of locking screws, nuts, and bolts. It is also used for sealing pipe flanges, retaining worn bearings, machine and equipment manufacturing. It offers corrosion protection, environmental resistance, gap filling abilities, and fully cures at room temperature.

Typical Use: Used on coarse threaded fasteners.
Chemical Composition: Methacrylate esters
Color: Red
Components: 1 part
Cure System: Room Temperature
Cure Time: 24h @ 23 °C
Dielectric Strength: 11 kV/mm
Flash Point: 110 °C
Gap Filling: 0.25 mm
Key Specifications: MIL-S-22473E Grade AVV MIL-S-46163A Type I Grade L ASTM D5363 AN0124, ASTM D5363 AN0211
Shear Strength: 2,500
Specific Gravity: 1.09
Thermal Conductivity: 0.19 W/mK
Viscosity: 7,000
Working Time: 10min