Permabond LH056 Non-aggressive, Excellent chemical and temperature resistance Anaerobic Adhesive

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Permabond LH056 is a pipe sealant designed for use in sealing metal pipes in sprinkler systems which may also contain CPVC piping. Permabond LH056 forms an instant seal and once fully cured the seal will generally surpass the burst rating of the pipe. Permabond Pipe Sealants use anaerobic technology to prevent leaks in sprinkler systems. Used in fabrication and installation, Permabond Pipe Sealants replace pipe dope and sealing tapes with a complete and reliable seal even if pipes are not completely seated. They prevent corrosion and lock against vibration loosening. They do not remain a paste, like pipe dope, but cure to a solid plastic seal. Cure is initiated by the presence of metal and the absence of air.


-Non-aggressive – will not attack CPVC
-Easy to use and apply
-Directional freedom
-Uncured material fully dissolves in water
-Does not contain solvents
-Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
-Cures at room temperature
-Will not shred, tear or cause blockages