MixPac 50ml Empty 10:1 Ratio 2-Part B-System Cartridges with sealing cap & pistons

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MixPac 2-Part (dual-component) 10:1 ratio 50ml B-System Empty Adhesive Cartridges with included Reseal-able Cap and Sealing Pistons. Used for filling and dispensing 2-part adhesives, epoxies, silicones, urethanes, and other 2-part fluids and compounds. Sulzer MixPac Cartridge Part Number: 116423 , AB 050-10-10-01

Available in 2 kit packages, plus Accessories:

  • Empty Cartridges and related Pistons
  • Starter Kit with Dispenser
  • Useful Additional Accessories
  • Uses the B-System / S-System (gray cap) mixing nozzles

Each kit includes different cartridge-count options… either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 cartridges with the necessary cap and sealing pistons to close and seal the empty cartridges.

About the Cartridges:

Perfect for storing and applying bulk adhesives that use a 10:1 mix ratio, where precise metering and mixing is needed. NOTE: With these empty cartridges, you will need a dispensing product to push/extrude/dispense the adhesive out.

These cartridges are the Sulzer B-System format, which have the Distinct Gray-Caps, and employs Orange Mixing Nozzles with Gray inlets. A particular feature of the B-System Cartridges is that they keep the two parts completely separate and eliminate material cross-pollution when in storage.

And a key feature of this cartridge is it's easy-to-install pin-style sealing pistons, which allows air to escape as pistons are inserted, and then seals-off with the push of the blue pin.

About the Starter Kits:

Each Starter Kit includes either 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 cartridges, related sealing pistons and cartridge caps, mixing nozzles (one nozzle for each cartridge in your kit), and one 50ml dispenser.

We recommend checking out our Starter Kits to get set up and running. Or if you prefer getting the dispenser separately, check out the MixPac DMA50 50ml Dispensers, which will enable you to dispense the adhesives out of these cartridge kits.

Sulzer MixPac Cartridge Part Number: 116423 , AB 050-10-10-01