MedMix MixPac DP2X 400 - 400mL Pneumatic Cartridge Dispenser (Configurable for 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 ratios)

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Dispenser or Conversion Kit
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The MedMix MixPac DP2X 400 series pneumatic cartridge dispenser is the newly re-designed industry-standard go-to dispenser for industrial and professional two-part adhesive dispensing from 400ml cartridges. It offers a durable, lightweight design perfect for mid-to-high volume applications. And also enables precise metered/pre-set volumes that are dispensed per 'squeeze' of the trigger.

The Newly Redesigned MedMix MixPacDP2X 400ml pneumatic (air pressure force) is an excellent improvement on the original DP400 series cartridge dispenser, and is available in 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratio configurations depending on the material you are dispensing. This pneumatic dispenser works with most standard 400ml and 490ml cartridges including the Sulzer C and F series.

Ordering Information:

Dispenser or Conversion Kit Part Number Item ID Mix Ratio


DP2X 400-01-50-01 165864 1:1 & 2:1 cartridges
Dispenser DP2X 400-04-50-01 165865 4:1 cartridges
Dispenser DP2X 400-10-50-01 165866 10:1 cartridges
Conversion Kit CKX 400-01-01 165839 1:1 & 2:1 cartridge
Conversion Kit CKX 400-04-01 165840 4:1 cartridges
Conversion Kit CKX 400-10-01 165841 10:1 cartridges


Specification DP2X 200 DP2X 400
Weight Weight 1.76kg / 3.87lbs 2.66kg / 5.87lbs
Length 406mm / 15.9in 486mm / 19.1in
Maximum thrust 2.5kN 5kN
Cartridge capacity 200mL 400mL
Cartridge ratio 1:1/2:1/4:1/10:1 1:1/2:1/4:1/10:1
Air inlet G 1/4in G 1/4in
Max operating pressure 6.8 bar 6.8 bar
Tool material cast aluminium and reinforced nylon cast aluminium and reinforced nylon

MedMix MixPac DP2X 400 Pneumatic Cartridge Dispenser Works With:

  • MedMix MixPac C System Cartridges
  • MedMix MixPac F System Cartridges
  • Atlas Professional 400ml Cartridges

Features of the MedMix MixPac DP2X 400 Cartridge Dispenser

  • Safe and easy handling
  • Easy fatigue-free operation
  • No cross-mixing
  • Rigid construction Precise dosing – accurate application
  • Suitable for high-viscosity compounds
  • High long-term stability

Compatible with all standard mix ratios

  • Optimal dispenser for each standard 2-component ratio (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1)