Maven UV Pen Light for UV Adhesives & Resins (Ultraviolet Light) - Rechargeable USB Port - For On-The-Job Curing of UV Adhesives & Resins

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The Maven UV Pen Light for On-The-Job quick curing of UV adhesives and resins.

Includes Fast USB Recharging, Lithium Rechargable battery for long life, convenient pocket clip, and a trigger-guard to prevent unintentional turn-on.ill fit in your shirt pocket, is lithium-powered, and is charged with a USB plug.

It is perfect for small-to-medium curing jobs, and for repetitious curings as in assembly lines.  Many customers use this pen light as their primary resin-curing tool.

It cures most adhesives and resins within 10 seconds. and pierces the tint of a windshield better than the sun. 

Features & Benefits
  • UV Adhesives, Resins and Pit Fillers cure very fast (often within 10-15 seconds)

  • Compatible with resins requiring wavelength inside 360NM - 420NM

  • Rechargeable USB plug which allows for easy fast charging.
  • Lithium rechargable battery for long life.
  • Convenient Pocket Clip, perfect to keep it on you during applications.

  • Trigger-Guard to prevent unintentional UV turn-on
  • Silver anodized sleek design
  • Even Penetrates tinted glass better than the sun!