Maven UV Glass MV - Medium Viscosity 60cps UV Curable Resin for windshield repars - 1 Liter Bottle, UOM is 1ml

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Maven UV Glass MV is a medium-viscosity glass repair resin with the perfect refractory index match for glass.

Best for Bullseye & Combination (Combo) Breaks.

And best for warm temps, like Spring and Fall, between 65 and 85F

Maven UV Glass MV Resin is formulated with the perfect balance of UV inhibitors to stop and permanently prevent yellowing.


  • Color coded to guarantee u grab the right bottle
  • Yellow Cap and Yellow Label is for Warm Temps, simple.
  • Medium Viscosity, 60cps
  • UV Stable, Never yellows, never experiences UV degradation
  • Perfectly balanced for index refraction of glass