Maven Replacement Parts - Dispensing Hoses Replacement Packs for Maven Filling Machines

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Maven Little-Big-Filler Replacement Parts - Replacement Hoses. One of the coolest features of the Maven Filling System is how easy it is to clean and replace parts.

Replacement Material Line Hose Options:

  • Multipack of all 3 Material Line Hoses
  • Material Intake Hose Replacement 10-inch, this hose fits on the underside of the Pot Lid, and sucks the material into the machine.
  • Material Fluid Hose Line - 3 feet, this hose - this fits atop the pot and connects to the dispensing hand valves
  • Material Dispenser Outlet Hose 5-inch

Replacement Air Line Hose Options:

  • Air pressure hose - 3 feet - this hose connects the air compressor to the pressure pot lid intake valve