Maven Invisible Armor - Hard Surface Defense - Chemical-Repellant Hardened Clear Coat for all hard surfaces

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Maven Invisible Armor Hard Surface Defense coating is a Ultra-Thin Clear Hardened Water-Repelling (Hydrophobic) Surface Sealant, used on virtually all types of hard surfaces.  It is perfect for Sealing & Protecting Artistic Epoxy Finishes on Tabletops, Flooring, Countertops, etc.

Protects These Surfaces:

  • Decorative / Artistic Epoxy Works & Finishes
  • Wood, Hardwoods, Finished, Painted, Varnished Woods
  • Tiles, Mosaics, Clay, etc
  • Stone, Brick, Ceramics, etc
  • Stainless Steels & Most all Metals, both Galvanized, Treated and Untreated
    • (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, etc.)
  • Painted Surfaces, Cured Paint Finishes, Dried Varnishes
    •  (powder coated, primed, painted, existing sealants)
  • Hard Plastics (ABS, PVC, PTE, etc)
    • Concrete, Smooth, Textured, Porous
      • Flooring, walls, cinder blocks & concrete blocks, unglazed brick & tile, pavers, countertops
      • ** If coating bare concrete you may need a sealing primer as bare concrete can be rather pourous.  Give us a call and we'll help qualify

    Feature Summary:

    • Clear / Invisible Coating
    • Easy To Clean
    • Water-Repelling (Hydrophobic), water beads on the surface and does not penetrate
    • Impervious Hardened Coating
    • Chemically Inert, Resistant to most all types of common chemicals
    • Mold & Mildew Resistant
    • Temperature Resistant (useful range between -200f and +350f)
    • Scratch Resistant, Impact Resistant, Scuff Resistant
    • UV Fading Resistant UV Damage Resistant

     About Invisible Armor

    Invisible Armor is a Nano-Scale Ceramic Quartz-based clear coat that protects most types hard surfaces by curing into a long-lasting hardened inert impervious barrier against all kinds of environmental and chemical risks.

    It cures at room tempture, or comfortable outdoor temperatures, with no need for a heat/oven bake curing step.

    Invisible Armor is an excellent Stain Resistor, Impact Resistor, Corrosion Inhibitor and Ice Formation Inhibitor.  Its hydrophobic properties and hard impermeable thin surface coating layer provides both a hard protective shell and wisks moisture away from surfaces.

    It forms a hardened impermeable hydrophobic layer that virtually elimiantes rust, stains, patinas, and other types of corrosion. And for Ice, T2CI's hydrophobic properties eliminates the capillary effect of water so ice never forms on the surface. It beads up as it freezes and falls to the side.

    Stop Stains, Scratches, Scuffs, Corrosion, UV Damage, Ice Formation, Material degredation and disintegration without compromising structural load or integrity. Protect from not just one, but a wide, comprehensive list of environmental factors. Maven Invisible Armor blows away other corrison inhibiting coating options with unmatched chemical bonding and unbelievable nanoscale coverage over any surface profile. Extremelly long lasting & low maintenance.

    Maven Invisible Armor provides an ultra-durable weather, corrosion, ice formation, and wear resistant clear coating. It avoids common protection failures like peeling or flaking.

    Maven Invisible Armor can be applied over the complimentary sealant AT1C Quick Seal & Prep for a complete concrete protection system.

    Popular for coating: Tons of uses:  Tables, Concrete Flooring, Epoxy Coatings & Finishes, Countertops, Shop Floors, Protecting Floor Markings, High Traffic Flooring, Street Signs, Park Signs, Outdoor Signage, Aircraft, Vehicles, Campers, Mobile Homes, RVs, Public Works Bridges, etc.

    Industries currently using: Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Cabinet Makers, Sign Makers, Aviation & Aerospace, Airliners, Manufacturing, Municipalities, Government, Military, etc.

    More Features:

    • Thin ultra-hard impervious quartz layer atop the protected surface
    • Anti Corrosion, stops it dead (permanently blocks accesss to oxygen, corrossion cannot occur)
    • Moisture Repellent, Hydrophobic
    • Resists Fuel & Oils
    • Resists Hydrolic Fuels, even Skydrol
    • Resists Graffiti, Inks, Dyes
    • Hard and yet Flexible (because the coat layer is ultra-thin)
    • Scratch resistant
    • Extreme Heat resistant
    • High Abrasion Resistant
    • No Flaking, No Pealing
    • Resists Animal & Organic Waste
    • Resists Salts, Chlorides, & De-Icers, even
    • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant
    • Prevents oxidation, UV damage, and moisture damage

    Superior resistance against:

    • Rust & Oxidation
    • Corrosion
    • Acid Rain & Acidic Damage
    • Mold
    • Mildew
    • Moss
    • Moisture
    • Ice Damage
    • Chlorides & salt spray
    • UV damage
    • Galvanic corrosion
    • Animal, Bird & Organic waste damage
    • Gum
    • Graffiti
    Available in: 8-oz Spray, Quart Kit, Gallon Kit, 5-Gallon Kit, 250-Gallon Tote

    How to apply:

    Pressure sprayers: Apply using standard high-volume low-pressure sprayer (HVLP… popular with paint spraying and airbrushing) or hand-pump pressure sprayers with a 1.0-1.3 spray tip and air pressure set at 25 to 30 psi. Spray test pattern on cardboard or paper to ensure suitable 8 to 10 inch elongated spray pattern is achieved (approximately 1 ½ inch wide in the middle and fluid enough to cover but not puddle). Apply two thin coats, wet-on-tack, 2-3 WFT each, top to bottom, then right to left, keeping a wet edge. Second coat must be applied within 10-15 minutes while first coat is still tacky for optimum results.

    Standard Paint Rollers: Use a high density ultra-smooth foam roller or ¼ inch nap roller to apply the coating in an up and down then left to right pattern to ensure complete coverage of the surface. Avoid overworking coating. Apply coating thinly, 2.0 to 3.0 wet film thicknesses (WFT) and continue forward. Avoid down pressure on the roller for best results in finish appearance.

    Brush Application: Use high-quality China bristle to apply Invisible Armor in a cross-pattern; up and down, then left and right as quickly as possible. Avoid overworking coating, as it dries quickly. Avoid down pressure on the brush for best results in finish appearance. Apply light strokes using the tip brush to smooth out coating if necessary. Desired wet film thickness (WFT) is approximately 2.0 to 2.5 mils.

    Dip Application: Apply a blanket of nitrogen gas over Invisible Armor in dip tank to prevent flashing of solvents and evaporation of product. Dip and agitate items (back and forth, up and down); remove to dry rack.