Lord 7701 One Coat Adhesion Enhancer/Surface Modifier for Rubbers, Plastics, HDPE, LDPE, PP, EPDM

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LORD 7701 adhesion enhancer/surface modifier is a solvent-based surface treatment used for various Rubbers / vulcanized, thermoset, and thermoplastic polymeric materials like HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, PP, and EPDM. LORD 7701 adhesion enhancer/surface modifier chemically alters the surface of the rubber, making it more receptive to bonding.

LORD 7701 adhesion enhancer/surface modifier is used in conjunction with a broad range of LORD adhesives, including epoxy and urethane adhesives, for bonding cured rubber. It improves adhesion to a variety of cured and thermoplastic polymeric materials, including natural rubber, synthetic polyisoprene, SBR, butyl, polybutadiene, neoprene, EPDM, nitrile, polyurethane, styrene-butadiene block copolymers, styrene isoprene rubbers and polyvinyl chloride.

Shelf Life
Shelf life is six months from date of shipment when stored at 21-27°C (70-80°F) in original, unopened container.
Avoid storage in lit areas. Store only in original container or UV-filtering plastic or glass container. Do not store in metal containers. Store LORD 7701 surface treatment in a cool, dark area away from oil, grease, sawdust, floor sweepings, easily oxidized organic compounds, ammonia, amines, ammonia salts, and metallic materials. Do not pollute with water or alcohol. In the event of a spill, use large quantities of water to flush the area.

Features and Benefits
• Versatile – functions as a cleaner and surface conditioner; treats a wide variety of elastomer functional materials.
• Easy to Apply – applies easily by wipe, brush, dip or flood methods.
• Convenient – requires no mixing.
• Improved Adhesion – improves adhesion to cast urethanes and cured rubber.
• Fast Drying – adhesion enhancer/surface modifier flashes off within five minutes or less.
• Environmentally Resistant – promotes increased environmental resistance by allowing the treated surface to be more easily wet.

Appearance: Clear to Cloudy Liquid
Density lb/gal (kg/m3) 7.3-7.8 (870.0-930.0)
Solids Content by Weight, % 2.3-3.5
Flash Point (Seta), °F (°C) 25 (-4)
Solvent Ethyl Acetate


Store LORD Adhesion Enhancers/Surface Modifiers should in theiroriginal containers. When transferringto another container, only transfer the amount needed for the application. Do not return unused material to the original container as this will cause pollution. LORD 7701 cannotbe stored in metal containers orbe used with metal acid brushes as this will cause the material to precipitate white particles. Keep all
LORD adhesion enhancers/surface modifiers (except LORD 459T or 459X) in a cool, dark and dry area.