Loctite EA (Hysol) 1C Epoxy - 4oz Two-Tube Kit

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Loctite EA (Hysol) 1C Epoxy Kit (with Re-Usable Mixing Sheet and mixing sticks) is a two-part, off-white color highly-versatile general-purpose epoxy adhesive and sealant.

Please Note: Loctite has sunset (retired) the Hysol brand name. Several years ago, Loctite purchased the Hysol company. And began a transition capaign of the Hysol forulas over to the Loctite Brand. Loctite declared that this transaction was comlete back in 2019, and retired the Hysol Brand. But good news is that the formula numbers that you know and buy live on, just under the Loctite EA brand now, instead of Loctite Hysol. So this formula now is known as Loctite EA 1C instead of it's former name Loctite Hysol 1C. Same formula, slightly new name under the EA brand.

Loctite EA 1C has a 25 minute working time, 24hr full cure time (cures faster with heat), works with most metals, plastics, and wood, withstands severe environmental condidtions, and is sandable/machinable. EA (Hysol) 1C delivers great strength with a shear strength of 1500 psi, and has good temperature resistance with a maximum operating temperature of+250 °F. It includes all accessories needed to mix, seal, and re-mix for future jobs or projects: 2 Mixing Sticks, Re-Usable plastic mixing sheet, that the Epoxy does not bond to, just peels right off once cured).


  • Brand: Loctite
  • Trade Name: EA (formerly Hysol, but the Hysol brand was retired back in 2019)
  • Pat Number: 1C
  • Materials: Metals; Plastics; Wood
  • Cure Time: 24 hr
  • Work Time: 25 min
  • Color: Off-White
  • Multi-Part: Two-Part Adhesive
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Package Type: Kit in 2 Tubes
  • Package: 4 oz across 2 tubes
  • Shear: 1500 psi
  • Shore Hardness: 65 Shore D
  • Max Temp: +250 °F
  • Viscosity: 350,000 cPs (thixotropic/thick gel or paste)
  • Storage: Store Between +46.4°F to +69.8°F
  • Features: Machineable, Sandable, High service temperature, Low outgassing properties, Excellent environmental resistance