Leister Wide Slot Nozzle 105.500 straight jaw 90° right angle bend, air outlet on both sides

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  • Type Slot Nozzle
  • Vendor Leister
  • SKU LEISTER_SLOT_NOZZLE_20 MM_90_105.500


This product was discontinued by Lesiter:

105.493 was a wide slot nozzle, straight jaw 120° bent at right angle that was made for the Triac ST, Triac AT and Diode PID/S.  As the picture illustrates, it had its air outlet at it's tip of the angle bend.

The substitute 105.500 is the same basdic style, with a 90-degree bend instead of a 120-degree bend, and it has two air outlets, one on each side of the bent section (instead of a single outlet at the end/tip).  The new style is better for overlap welding as it applies heat parallel to the seam that is being welded.