Leister Power supply cord T (120V)2 x 14AWG x 3m, USA (pol.) 143.782

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Product details

  • Type power supply cord
  • Vendor Leister

Replacement power supply cord:

This Power supply cord is perfect for a variety of projects, with a 120 volt power supply, two 14 AWG wires, and a length of 3 meters (10 feet). It is certified for use with current and discontinued Leister tools, such as the Triac ST, Triac AT, Diode S, and Diode PID, as well as the Ghibli, Ghibli AW, Labor S, and Groover models.


2-wire cord, 14 AWG, 3 meters (10 feet)

This power cord is suitable for these current tools:

Triac ST, Triac AT, Diode S, Diode PID, Ghibli, Ghibli AW, Labor S, Groover

and these discontinued tools:

Triac S, Triac 1A, Triac PID