Jensen Tapered-Tip 18-Gauge Dispensing Tips (Push-On & Luer-Lock) -1.25-inch

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This is the Jensen Global Precision Plastic Tapered-Tip straight dispensing Tips. With Lengths standardized at 1.25-inches.

18-Gauge (green)

Orderable in a variety of multi-packs, from 5-pack, 10-pack, 25-pack, 50-pack, 100-pack, and bulk 1000-pack bags.

IT Series tapered dispensing tips have an all-plastic tapered design to reduce back pressure and work best with medium to high viscosity materials. These tips are high-density molded with a double-helix thread and taper to one of our six gauge sizes. Tapered dispensing tips offer scratch-free protection, which is ideal when working with sensitive parts. They are only offered in one length, 1.25". Available in boxes of 50 or bags of 1000.

Jensen's IT series is unsterilized and for industrial use only. It's blunt tip is perfect for precision dispensing of paints, solder pastes, glues, adhesives, inks, oils, etc. It's also compatible with equipment from Nordson, Nordson EFD, Sulzer, MixPac, Techon, PVA and many other industry-standard product lines.