Huntsman Araldite AY 557: 3-Minute Set Med Viscosity Clear Gen Purpose Epoxy

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ARALDITE AY 557 Resin/Hardener HY 557 epoxy system is a rapid-setting, two-component clear material. Mixing is convenient with a one-to-one resin-to-hardener ratio, by volume or weight. Good bonding is obtained on a wide variety of substrates in a short period of time. The adhesive requires no special handling or application techniques.


  • Small part bonding/assembly
  • Rapid repairs


  • Rapid setting.
  • Transparent bond line after curing.


Mixing/Application of Adhesive

Mix resin and hardener thoroughly on a clear, dry surface. Bonding surfaces can include wood, metal, plastic and cardboard. For best results, the two surfaces being bonded should be free of oil, dirt, moisture and other such impurities and should be slightly roughed or sanded to remove gloss.

Storage and Shelf Life

ARALDITE epoxy adhesive components should be stored in their original, sealed containers at room temperature. When stored at temperatures from 59-77°F (15-25°C), the resin and hardener will remain in useable condition for 12 months from date of shipping from Huntsman.

Additional information is available by consulting the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Just ask for it!