Hardman Double Bubble "Green-Label" Crystal Clear Epoxy 04004

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Hardman Double Bubble Green-Label Crystal Clear (Clear as Water) Epoxy #04004

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(Includes One Mixer Stick for each Epoxy Packet purchased)
Hardman Double Bubble Green-Label Crystal Clear (Clear as Water) epoxy has a unique feature, it's crystal-clear when fully cured. And extremely strong... At 2,400+psi strength, it's stronger than Concrete! It's the perfect 'clutch player' for on-the-spot bonding jobs, where where perfect clarity is important.

This epoxy is a two component, room temperature cure epoxy adhesive designed with a unique feature, it dries totally transparent. It contains no solvents, and can also be used as a coating or finishing compound if needed. With its solventless feature, it can be applied over old coatings without raising them. It is self-leveling and blush-free so that it will cover and fill scratches. The cured system is effective over an operating temperature range of -34 °C to 71 °C (-30 °F to 160 °F). HARDMAN

Double Bubble Green-Label Epoxy 04004 Crystal-Clear (Clear as Water) is recommended for the following surfaces: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Other Epoxy Finishes, Glass, China, Crystal, and other fine surfaces.

  • Dries Crystal Clear / Clear as Water
  • 60 minute working time
  • Excellent for repairing jewelery, crystal, glass, electronics, optical equipment & lenses
  • High bond strength 2,400+psi
  • Unique double packs are clean and easy to use, with very little left-over waste
  • Each pack has 3.5 grams of epoxy, perfect for single, small jobs
  • 2-year shelf life means epoxy will not harden on the shelf!
  • Cleaner and less wasteful than epoxy syringes from other companies

Recommended Surfaces: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Other Epoxy Finishes, Glass, China, Crystal, and other fine surfaces.

Typical uses: It is designed to repair printed circuit boards (it also does not corrode copper), optical fibers, lenses and other optical equipment. It is an excellent repair epoxy for jewelry, art objects and other applications where a clear bond is needed or desired.

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TDS / Technical Data Sheet MSDS / Material Safety Data Sheet

Setting / Working Time: 60 minutes

Time to Handling Strength: 8 hours

Uncured (Wet) Color: Crystal Clear Dries: Crystal Clear

Viscosity (Uncured Thickness): 14,000 cps... Like Honey

Specification Name Value
Type Crystal Clear (water clear) epoxy
Color Crystal Clear
Each Single-Pack Size 3.2mL Total per Double-Pack (1.6mL per side, parts A & B)
Work-Time (minutes) 60
Hardness 85 (Shore D)
Overlap Shear Strength (psi) 2,400
Peel Strength 1.8 piw
CFIA Approved No
ISO-10993 No

Other Information Value
Estimated 5-Pack Total Weight (lbs) 0.25
Packs Per Kit Box 1 to 100
GSA/NSN Number
Country of Origin UNITED STATES
Estimated Usable Shelf Life More than 2 years (730 days, or 24 months)