Hardman Double Bubble D50 Green/Beige-Label 04022 - Extra Fast Set 3-5min High Shear Strength Beige Urethane Adhesive

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The Hardman 04022 Beige-dying Urethane D-50 is a semi–rigid, two–component, extra–fast setting (3-5 minute) polyurethane structural adhesive. It displays an excellent combination of shear strength and peel strength, with good impact and fatigue resistance. And reaches handling strength in 60 minutes.

Highly recommended for bonding engineering thermoplastics, SMC, laminated surfaces, repair of reaction injection molded parts and other quick repairs of sporting goods, such as skis, snow boards and golf clubs.

Recommended surfaces (substrates): Metals: Carbon Steel, Aluminum Plastics: Epoxy, Phenolic, Urethane, Rubber, Stone, Glass, China, Leather

Typical Uses: Urethane D-50 is ideal for automotive repairs. It is also an excellent adhesive for repairing shoes, ski boots and other sports equipment and conveyor belts.

About the Single-Use Packets: The DOUBLE/BUBBLE package is a handy, dual-pouch, one-shot, job-size packaging concept. It reduces the waste typically associated with the use of larger quantities of two component adhesives. This unique packaging ensures that DOUBLE/BUBBLE adhesives are always factory fresh and accurately portioned for optimum adhesive performance.

Urethane D-50 is also available in poly bottles, 1-gallon cans, 5-gallon pails and 55- gallon drums.