FAST-CON Removable Fastener Sets - Male & Female Parts, Stainless Steel

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FAST-CON q is the revolutionary patented metal snap fastening system that allows you to quickly connect panels and coverings by simply pressing. Any removal takes place by exerting a slight traction on the panel. The FAST-CON® clip system allows for a concealed mechanical fixing, making the union of two parts quick and reliable.

FAST-CON is made of 2 parts, male-female, both in stainless steel, with a special profile suitable for a quick connection between them.

Starter Kits Include:

  • 24 or 100 Female 301 Stainless Steel FC-01-FE.53
  • 24 or 100 Male 303 Stainless Steel FC-01-Ma.50
  • 48 or 200 Screws VTB4.8X9.5.51
  • 4 Center Marker tools
  • 1 removal tool