DEVCON 14415 HP250 High-Performance Epoxy Adhesive straw [2-1] - 400ml

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A high-performance, room-temperature-curing epoxy adhesive with superior toughness, impact and chemical resistance for structural bonding applications. 2:1 ratio allows you to use the GP Manual gun for easy use!

• Gap-filling thixotropic paste
• Heat resistant to 250°F
• Long working time [60-65 minutes]
• Bonds to plastics

Intended uses
Bonds metals, FRP/SMC composites, phenolics, stainless steel, aluminum, vinyl esters, nylon, PVC,PC, styrenics, wood, and rigid plastics.

Physical Properties:

Color: Straw
Fixture Time 6 hrs. @ 72 ̊F
Full Cure: 7 days
Functional Cure 24 hrs. @72 ̊F
Mix Ratio by Volume: 2.1
Mix Ratio by Weight: 100:42
Mixed Density: 9.0 lbs./gal: 1.08 gm/cc
Mixed Viscosity: 105,000 cps
Working Time: 65 min @72 ̊F