Devcon Flexane 94 Liquid Castable, non-shrinking, low-viscosity urethane compound

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Castable, non-shrinking, low-viscosity (6,000 cps) urethane compound that cures to a rigid rubber material (Hardness Shore A 97). Reproduce low-to-medium-volume or discontinued rubber parts, parts forms flexible molds and non scratching holding fixtures/linings, encapsulate wire and electronics subject to impact, vibration, expansion and contraction.


  • Room temperature curing urethane/no heat required
  • Mixes and pours easily

Listed under NSN stock #8030-01-036-9228

Physical Properties:

Cured 7 days @75 ° F

Color: Black
Coverage/lb. : 106 Sq. in./lb. @ ¼”
Cured Hardness:

Cured Shrinkage: 0.0014 in./in.
Dielectric Strength: 350 Volts/mils
Demolding Time: 5 Hrs.
Functional Cure: 16 Hrs.
Maximum Elongation: 500%
Mix Ratio: 69 Resin; 31 Curing Agent/WT
Pot Life: 10 min. @75 ÌŠF
Tensile Strength: 6,000 psi
Tear Resistance: 415 pli
Mixed Viscosity: 6,000 cps