Devcon Fasmetal 10 HVAC Repair (Special F) 6.5 oz tube 19770

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Devcon Fasmetal 10 HVAC Repair is an aluminium-filled, 1:1 mix epoxy packaged in a 128gm tube kit for repairs to copper coils in HVAC equipment.

Areas of application:
• Seal leaks in pipes and tanks
• Repair copper coils in compressors
• Repair holes in aluminium and other metals Features
• Bonds, patches and seals metals
• Hardens to a rigid material that can be ground, drilled or tapped
• Bonds to aluminium, steel and many other metals, as well as concrete
• Fills voids or pores in castings
• Makes repairs that are non-rusting
• Aids in quickly returning equipment back to service