Devcon 2-Ton Epoxy - Water & Chemical Resistant Epoxy

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  • Type Epoxy
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Devcon 2-Ton Epoxy (P/N's 14260, 14310 & 14360) is very popular in industrial, professional, and Do-It-Yourself applications.
P/N: 14310 is the 25ml syringe, 14260 is the 50ml cartridge, and 14360 is the 1 gallon kit)

It’s an extremely strong, medium-set-time, water-resistant clear epoxy adhesive that will self-level after application. High strength, non-shrinking, adhesive/potting compound specially formulated for high clarity, good impact strength and water resistance. The adhesive bond is resistant to weathering, solvents and wide variations in temperature.

Listed under NSN stock #8040-00-162-9704

Intended Use: Bonding parts in a structural environment or potting electronic components and assemblies

Key Features:

  • 100% reactive, no solvents
  • Good water and chemical resistance
  • Fills gaps and voids
  • Room temperature curing
Recommended Uses:
Bonding or potting electronic components and assemblies
Creating moisture-resistant seals
Suitable for bonding ceramics, ferrous and non ferrous, ferrites, wood, glass and concrete.
Physical Properties:
Color: Clear
Mixed Viscosity: 8,000 cps
Mix Ratio by Volume 1:1
Mix Ratio by Weight 1.2:1
Mixed Density: 1.10 gm/cc
Working Time: 8-12 minutes @ 72 ̊ F
Fixture Time: 30-35 min. @ 72 ̊ F
Functional Cure: 2 hrs.
Full Cure: 16 hrs.