Devcon 11770 Low-viscosity, Alumina-filled, Brushable Ceramic White Epoxy 2 lb Kit

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Low-viscosity, alumina-filled, brushable epoxy compound, when applied to a 15-20 mil coating, provides a smooth protective barrier against wear, abrasion, corrosion, erosion, and chemical attack.

• Temperature range up to 350°F
• 3 colors (red, blue, white) to insure uniform coating
• White is NSF-certified for use in potable water applications
• Low-friction surface reduces turbulence, wear, and cavitation
• Red and white formulas are acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants
• Outstanding chemical resistance to acids, solvents, and alkalis

Intended uses
Seal and protect new equipment exposed to erosion and corrosion; protect pump casings, impeller blades, gate valves, water boxes, and fan blades; rebuild heat exchangers, tube sheets, and other water circulating equipment; top coat for providing exceptionally smooth surface to repaired surfaces