Dangerous Goods & Hazmat Shipment Packing Service, for Domestic or International Shipping

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This service is used if you alraedy have a preferred shipper that will pick up the Parcel box for your Dangerous Goods (via Air service) or Hazmat (via Ground service) package.

This packaging service incluces (Especially used for international customers): 

  1. Packing the order in the required UN cardboard box and related inner packing
  2. Labeling the UN cardboard box for air or ground transport per IATA / DOT regulations
  3. Sharing (email) the necessary SDS paperwork to the customer / shipper who will pick the package up
  4. Provide basic registration guidance to certified dangrous goods shipping personnell that is affiliated with the designated shipping company.

This packaging service does not include:

  1. We will not register the DG / HAZMAT package for shipment with any shipper
  2. We will not purchase or collect any DG / HAZMAT surcharges that may be applicable
  3. We will not be the shipper of record for the shipment