Albion 1500ml 1:1 ratio Manual Dispensers B26T1500XL

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Albion Manual Dispensers for 1500ml 1:1 Mix Ratio 2-Part Cartridges

Dispenser Style Part Number
Topload B26T1500X
Topload Extended
Sideload B26T1500
Sideload Extended B26T1500L

  • Albion's B-Line B26 series Multi-Component Dispensing Gun with smooth & powerful High Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive.
  • Accepts 1:1 Mix Ratio 1500ml, 750 x 750 Twin side-by-side cartridges.
  • Typically used for dispensing solid surface adhesives such as Epoxy, MMA's, Acrylics, Urethanes, Polyurethanes, Polyureas, Polyesters, SMP's, 2-Part Silicones, etc
  • Albion's legendary double gripping plates and steel trigger means increased durability.
  • Adjustment screw technology means increased life of the gun - as the tool wears you can adjust the screw to eliminate wasted motion.
  • Full size handle for comfortable, efficient dispensing.
  • Designed for Thin or Thick materials.