Adhesive Mixing Kit - Mixing Sticks and Re-Usable Mixing Sheets (3x5-inch size)

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Re-Usable adhesive mixing sheets... 1 to 100 pack kits.

These mixing sheets are made of flexible LDPE, Polyethylene plastic, which does not 'stick' to Epoxy-based adhesives. Once dried, the epoxy just peels right off, regardless of its rated Shear or peel strength! pretty amazing really, making them the perfect reusable material for repeated epoxy mixing needs.

Key Features:

  • Size: 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch square
  • Flexible LDPE / Polyethylene plastic sheets
  • Perfect Adhesive mixing sheet, as adhesives do not bond to this surface
  • Infinately Re-Usable, just wait for the adhesive to dry, and then bend/peel off the dried material.
  • Keeps your hands and working area clean