ABS Off-Shape/Off Color - Pure Virgin ABS Plastic Welding Rods, Coils & Reels (aka. Oops runs, startup & configuration runs)

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Pure Virgin (no regrind) but off-shape or off-color ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic Welding Rods, Coils & Reels

Excellent pure quality ABS material, but a product of either a production 'Oops', setup, startup, preproduction or configuration run of the ABS material.

Shape and color may vary, but ABS quality is 100%.

Perfect for customers and uses where color or exact/precice shape isn't important .

Plastic Welding Rod Specs:

  • 100% pure homogeneous ABS material
  • Shapes could be these below, but not specified.
  • (really it's whatever material that we have in this state)
    • Round 1/8 inch (3mm), 5/32 inch (4mm), and 3/16 inch (5mm)
    • Triangle 7/32 inch (5.7mm)
    • Flat 1/16 x 5/8 (1.6mm x 16mm)
  • Packaging Options are:
    • Rods come in packs of 100 Rods each
    • Scrap Misc Bulk Material By the Pound

Made of 100% pure ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), no impurities. All Plastic Rods, Coils & Reels should be used with an appropriate plastic welding iron, heat dispenser or torch with applicable attachments.

ABS Rods, Coils & Reels can be used for several popular types of repair jobs, but each plastic repair job needs to be carefully matched to the same type of Plastic Rod or Coil. These Rods, Coils & Reels are ABS Plastic.

Warning: Mixing different types of plastics will likely result in poor quality repairs and poor longevity of the welds. Quite Simply, match your plastics and you're good... different plastics simply don't work well together.

ABS Rods, Coils & Reels: Use with any plastic labeled Recycling # 9.