Take Care of The TIPS: Types of Dispensing Nozzles & Their Purpose

If you thought that dispensing nozzles work as “one-size-fits-all,” you are wrong. Nozzles come in different sizes and shapes, and each type serves a different purpose for its fluid filling machine. While the manufacturing process also comes unique for a brand and companies manufacturing the same products could use similar attachments, it will always affect the capacity, speed, and size.

If you have been dealing with Maven replacement parts (or any other brand for that matter) and have been in this industry for a while, this is an obvious statement for you. Companies making the same type of products use customized machines. They need to do so since they need to differentiate by creating different shapes, sizes, colors, scents, or even ingredients.

From nozzles for slurries, and creams to chemicals and thick food products, the tips of dispensers can play a crucial role in your filling process.

This blog discusses the major commercial dispensing nozzles available in the market and their applications.


Ball check nozzles are designed with a ball at the top of a nozzle and are spring-assisted. When the liquid goes through the ball, the pressure pushes the ball up so the fluid can pass through. This type covers all production needs with its innovative design to reduce dripping and control products.


Straight-through nozzle is another universal design covering most production purposes. It is the most common and all-purpose nozzle. Also known by the name open nozzle, it works as the name suggests- it doesn’t stop the fluid flow, and the liquid can pass “straight-through” the nozzle. Coming in various diameters and lengths, it offers impeccable flexibility in functionality.


Featuring a tip at the end of the nozzle, this variant offers an opening and closing function. This type comes in handy when dripping or hanging is an issue during fluid filling. A liquid with a higher viscosity, including honey, creams, gels, and hot-filled products like deodorant, is easier to handle and control with valve-in-tip nozzles.


Purge nozzles are very popular in gas filling and used mainly by biotech or pharmaceutical companies. It is basically a nozzle within a nozzle. The inner nozzle fills the product into the container, while the outer nozzle sends pressurized gas around the internal nozzle to purge the container.


Disposable nozzles are single-use and often made of plastic. Although these also come in stainless steel variations, these aren’t much more common. Disposable plastic nozzles are used to handle corrosive or metal-sensitive materials. These nozzles don’t require any maintenance nor need to be cleaned or autoclaved.

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