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Features That Make Pneumatic Dispensers So Popular

There are many types of fluid dispensers in the market. One of the most widely used dispenser is the pneumatic dispenser. Pneumatic, as we all know, pertains to operation by air or gas under pressure. Pneumatic dispensers rely on pressurized air source to eject fluids out in either dot patterns or lines. For all your professional and industrial two-part adhesive dispensing cartridges, you can easily reply upon pneumatic dispensers. Some of the best pneumatic dispensers for adhesive in the market include SULZER MIXPAC DP2 50-16 series. These dispensers are lightweight, offers amazing thrust, great pressure, durability, and much more.

In this article, we will tell you some key advantages of using pneumatic dispensers. We’ve listed some points for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Versatility - There are many dispensers that rely on air pulses such as those that utilize syringes, cartridges, valves, or tanks. For custom work, hand-held syringes can be used. For some fully automated system, dispensers can play an effective role. Pneumatic dispensers also offer the option of accurate nozzles that can be employed to produce super-thin lines. If you go for higher-end pneumatic dispensers, you get benefits such as viscosity change or syringe volume change.
  • Affordability - Another great thing about pneumatic dispensers is that they do not cost a lot, especially in comparison to other fluid dispensing systems in the market. You will be able to use them rather easily as they are known for being less labor-intensive. And as far as their maintenance requirements are concerned, you will be happy to know that there is little requirement of cleaning, which is usually needed with other dispensing systems. Once you’re done using lower-cost needles and syringes with pneumatic dispensers, you can just throw them away.
  • Clean Work Area - Often people working with adhesives find that by the time their work is completed, their work area becomes a mess. This usually happens when adhesives or epoxies are not applied in a controlled fashion. But if you use a pneumatic dispenser, you are able to produce tighter lines and finer points of contact. The results are neater and the work area stays clean.

So, if you want to produce thin lines and dots of two part adhesive, you must go for pneumatic dispenser. As we mentioned above in the introductory paragraph, the best pneumatic dispensers in the market for adhesive is SULZER MIXPAC DP2 50-16 series. For all your mid-to-high volume work, there is no better dispenser than SULZER MIXPAC pneumatic dispenser. You can get these dispensers in ratios such as 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 3:2, 4:1, and 10:1. Keep in mind that although pneumatic dispensers can work with viscosity of different types, do not use it with extremely high viscosity adhesives.

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