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Araldite 2012 epoxy adhesive is a fast-setting 5-minute low shrinkage, fast-curing structural adhesive that has been designed to bond an extensive selection of ceramics, metals, rigid plastics, glass, rubbers, and much more. It is a great general-purpose adhesive, that’s tough and resilient when bonding a wide variety of materials. From industrial to craftsman’s applications, Araldite 2012 can bond almost any material found in every-day use and is versatile enough to get most jobs done right. Please contact a Perigee Direct Technical Specialist with questions, clarifiers and concerns on how to use or materials you need to bond

Araldite 2012 Epoxy Adhesive is a great option for a wide range of materials and surfaces. From personal to professional use, this two-part paste cures quickly and performs efficiently. The use of appropriate personal protective equipment is recommended in order to avoid any possible health risks presented by this product. For added information on product management precautions or application procedures please contact a Perigee Direct Technical Specialist, who is an authorized primary distributor of Huntsman Araldite Adhesives.

The Araldite 2012 Adhesive is a high viscosity liquid that is made up of two components and cures at room temperature. 2012/A is opaque in color, and 2012/B is pale yellow, and when mixed together the combination is a pale yellow color, mostly clear. This material’s specific gravity when mixed is ca 1.18, and its viscosity at 77°F is typically 25,000- 35,000 cP, around the consistency of karo syrup.  Araldite 2012 Adhesive’s pot life for 100 gm at 77°F is 5-8 minutes, and the shelf life for each component when kept separate is 3 years. For more technical information regarding this product, please see the Araldite 2012 Technical Data Sheet.

When using Araldite 2012 Epoxy gel, it is important to properly pretreat the surfaces that are to be bonded, as the durability and strength of the bond depend on it. A quality degreasing agent should be used at the very least in order to remove any traces of dirt, oil, or grease. Acetone or other proprietary degreasing agents can be used to do this, but never gasoline, paint thinners, or low-grade alcohol. The sturdiest and most long-lasting joints attained when using Araldite Epoxy Paste Adhesive are those which have surfaces that are either chemically etched or mechanically abraded before bonding. After mechanically abrading a surface to prepare it for a strong bond, an additional degreasing treatment should follow before using the adhesive.

Times to minimum shear strength:









Cure time to reach
LSS > 145 psi (1MPa)









Cure time to reach
LSS > 145 psi (10MPa)









Once the surfaces that are to be bonded are pretreated, cleaned, and dried, the mixed Araldite 2012 gel can be applied either robotically or manually. Maximum lap shear strength can be attained by applying a layer of adhesive between 0.002 – 0.004 inches thick. For the best bond, the joint components should be brought together and held in a secure position the moment Araldite 2012 has been applied. After the adhesive has been placed onto the components, and the surfaces have been secured together, any tools used in the process should be washed with soap and hot water before the adhesive residue has a chance to cure. Removing cured residue left behind on tools is a slow and challenging process.

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