(DISCONTINUED)Huntsman Araldite 2010-1 (Substitutes available)

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Please note, Araldite 2010-1 has been discontinued by Huntsman Advanced Materials. We keep this page active as a service to inform you and our customers of this change, and also to help you locate an appropriate substitute.

Direct and Close Substitutes:

Also for referende, please click on this link to visit our Cross-Reference/Substitite Engine for help selecting an appropriate substitute for Araldite 2010-1.

Araldite 2010-1 structural adhesive was a fast cure, Tougnened Thixotropic, Non-Sagging Gel Epoxy that cures/sets at room temperatures.

As it was toughened, it provided excellent shock, drop and vibration resistance. It was suitable for bonding a wide variety of Metals, Ceramics, Glass, Rubbers, Rigid Plastics, Concrete, and most other materials in common use. Work Time: 5-8 minutes Handling Strength: 45-60 minutes Color: Near Translucent, Pale Yellow Dries: Clear Viscosity: Like Honey

The Bulk Pail version of Araldite 2010-1 was :

Araldite Cartridge Formula Araldite Bulk Resin Araldite Bulk Hardner
Araldite 2010-1 XD 4443 XD 4444

Please Note: These cartridges are designed to work best with a cartridge Dispenser. We advise you use a 50ml or 200ml Dispenser for this, and all 50ml or 200ml cartridges. If you do not have one, please check out our Dispensers, all are excellent products and have our 'it's good' seal of approval.

If you prefer not to use a Dispenser, then we recommend considering some of our cartridge kits, which can include a manual hand plunger that you can use for fast small jobs. Hand plungers may however prove more difficult to dispense some adhesives, especially if they're a thick or fast setting formula.

Key Features (for this discountinued formula)

  • 5-10 Minute Working Time
  • Clear with a slight yellow tint
  • Toughened Gel, excellent shock, drop and vibration resistance
  • Excellent General Purpose Epoxy for Craftsmen, DIY, and Industrial uses
  • High Shear and Peal Strength
  • Bonds to wide variety of materials
  • Thick Viscosity for Vertical Applications

Technical Specs

Part Numbers

50ml Cartridges - 4161508

200ml Cartridges - 4161608

Adhesive Qty

50ml: 1.7 ounces

200ml: 6.8 ounces

Product Dimensions

50ml: 6 x 3 x 1 inches

200ml: 10x4x2 inches

Origin Made in USA
Item model number 2010-1
Color Near-translucent, very pale yellow
Material Epoxy
Item Package Quantity 1
Number Of Pieces 1
Maximum Strength 3300 PSI stainless steel, 2700 PSI aluminum
Measurement System metric
Special Features Impact Ready
Included Components Mixer Syringe Included